Walmart Reimagined

Welcome to the future vision of the Walmart experience.  It’s the Walmart experience you’ve come to expect and so much more.  It’s Green Space, Food, Beverage & Entertainment all in one location.

Community Connectivity

Some select Sites will feature paved pathways connecting to the community for consumers who prefer to walk or bike to destinations.


A mix of healthy lifestyle destinations.

Food & Beverage

The site will feature diverse dining choices making it the natural “go-to” destination for any dining activity.


A carefully curated mix of entertainment featuring cinemas, bowling, golf, arcades & outdoor activities.


A mix of activated green spaces and family oriented experiences

Essential Services

A mix of essential services such as Fuel, Daycare & Petcare.

Mobility Hub

Some sites will feature a Mobility Hub to connect the site with its Community.  Features will include 3rd party rideshare options, Bike rentals & Bus Stops.

Retail Tenants

A carefully curated mix of local, regional and national tenants in an active setting.




The images above are for general information and illustrative marketing purposes only and show the approximate location and configuration of the shopping center and adjacent areas, and is only illustrative of the size and relationship of the stores and common areas generally, all of which are subject to change without notice. Any features are not intended to be relied upon by any party and are not intended to constitute representations or warranties with respect to the depictions.

Thank You for your interest!

We are pleased to see such excitement around this opportunity. If you would like to engage on concepts in your market, please send us your information. Look forward to the collaboration:

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